Dunja Lavrova

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Violin Lessons with Dunja Lavrova

  • Are you serious about learning to play violin? 
  • Do you want to learn how to tackle similar violin pieces to the one that you might have seen on Dunja's YouTube Channel? 
  • Do you want to learn how to practise efficiently? 
  • Do you want to know how to tackle stage nerves and how to plan your time before a performance?
  • Do you need help with fingerings and bowings for a specific piece?

If you have answered yes, you might want to try Skype Violin Lessons with Dunja Lavrova! 

NB Please note that the lessons are also available in person by visiting Dunja's home studio in South Melbourne/ Australia.

About video lessons:

Online violin lessons are becoming more and more popular as they offer real convenience for a student who either wants to learn with a specific teacher who might be based in another country, or when attending lessons in person is problematic because of the student's schedule. 

Dunja Lavrova, who has 15 years of overall teaching experience, has successfully taught via Skype and Zoom for the past 7 years. Lessons are scheduled based on the most suitable time (whatever the time zone!) for both Dunja and the student.

Still not sure whether video lessons can work for you? 

Read the testimonials from Dunja's online students below: 

Karen Dando, mother of Sally (aged 15):

Sally had weekly private lessons with Dunja for 18 months until circumstances changed and this was no longer possible. We decided to try Skype lessons so that Sally could continue her lessons. Dunja identifies exactly what needs to be worked on both technically and musically so we didn’t want to lose her. She is an exceptional teacher: patient, hard-working and always pushes her students to the utmost of their ability. Sally has been having Skype lessons or a year now and her playing is going from strength to strength. This year she has won Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Young Musician and Wessex Rotary District Finals Young Musician. I highly recommend Skype lessons with Dunja.



Tosin Ajimobi, aged 24: 

"I've been studying with Dunja for 2 years. I find her to be a very thorough teacher, you'll progress quickly because she has high standards and she tries to instil those in you too. 

More recently we've been having our lessons over Skype and I've been pleased at how well it's turned out. She gives careful instructions so that even though you aren't in the same room, you're still able to achieve the correct positioning, and she can always hear some things even if you can't! 

She definitely knows what she is talking about and has great advice on practising, which I've been able to take into other areas of my life. I've been very happy with my progress in the past 2 years." 


Shammy Rahim, father of Mehnaz (aged 13) and Neha (aged 11): 

"Being working parents, one of the major challenges we have, is to manage our working hours so that we can take our kids to lessons. Not living in city make things even more worse. That’s when we started thinking about an alternative solution. It didn't take us much time to realise that it’s possible to do violin lessons online. 

When we came across Dunja, we were so curious to find out how this will work. Dunja took the trial lesson so calmly and very well organised . To our amazement we even forgot that its an online lesson. From then we never looked back, kids now take special interest to perfect their lessons. I am very pleased we found violin lessons online. 

Dunja is a very focused, result oriented and true professional violinist who have a very natural talent to play & teach violin and make a positive impact to your kids interest in violin. I would recommend her without even thinking." 


Francesca Gliubich, mother of Silvia (aged 14): 

"I recently came across Dunja’s debut solo album and was very impressed. Immediately, I contacted her to ask whether she would be willing to teach to my daughter. 

Dunja’s approach to teaching reveals her passion for deep understanding of violin and its technique, which is the key to mastering an instrument in order to achieve musical freedom. 

Skype lessons with Dunja are not any different from lessons in person, as she can pick up anything that requires attention and point it out in a constructive, positive manner. Most importantly, she will immediately suggest the perfect exercise to help correct it. Dunja won my daughter’s trust as mentor within one hour!"

Dunja Lavrova's message to future students: 

"I have always been greatly fascinated by violin and methods of teaching how to play it, and believe that each student should have their lesson tailor-made for them in order to fulfil their full potential. 

I always listen to what my students want first from their lessons and then work out the best and most efficient way to get there.

When I help my students achieve their best results, I combine several teaching techniques/schools of violin playing. 

I have an individual approach towards each of my students, depending on their abilities and goals. 

I help my students by showing them how to achieve maximum results through appropriate way of practising and time-management, coaching them various performing techniques, helping with audition behavior and stage presence, helping to deal with anxiety, stage fright and much more. 

I teach my students independence, organisation and responsibility. 

During my lessons you will learn that:

- “It's always "quality over quantity.”

- “I am here to help you reach your goal.”

- “Ultimately, it’s up to you to take responsibility and make progress, using the information I have given you.”

- “Anything I will suggest to you during lessons is what I believe are STEPS towards YOUR goal.” 

- “You will need to practise, but for yourself and not for me and not anyone else. You will need to remember the goal you have set for YOURSELVES.”

- “Fear is natural, everyone is afraid of something - it’s what you make of it that matters.”

- “Failure is part of a journey, don’t let it stop you on your tracks. Failure teaches us how to move forwards.”

- “I am here for you."

I would love to give you a FREE 20-mins long consultation where we can work out how I can help you with reaching your goals on the violin!”

- Dunja

Contact Dunja directly here:

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About Dunja: (Read full biography by following this link: http://www.dunjalavrova.com/biography)


"Dunja Lavrova is a truly versatile musician, who has studied classical violin extensively in Russia, UK’s Yehudi Menuhin School and Royal College of Music but also has a vast experience in performing a variety of musical styles, including classical, rock, pop, latin, musical theatre, as well as Big Band and jazz.
As a classical musician, she has performed both as a soloist and a leader with various symphony orchestras; she regularly performs chamber music worldwide, and has experience in performing at competitions, orchestral auditions and CD recording.
She has also performed with such Jazz, Rock and Pop artists as Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Seth MacFarlane, Liane Carroll, Gwylim Simcock, Cliff Richards among many others. She regularly performs with and leads Big Bands and has been a member of the John Wilson Orchestra since 2012.
Dunja is the Leader of London Symphonic Rock Orchestra, which tours extensively with Abba: The Tribute Show, Queen Machine and The Whitney Houston Show and, before moving to Australia, was a regular deputy violinist at London's "Book of Mormon”.”

PLEASE NOTE: 60-mins lessons will be charged at 110 AUD (payments accepted by PayPal or via Bank Transfer)

To book your FREE consultation lesson, you can contact Dunja DIRECTLY by using the contact form below:

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