Dunja Lavrova

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Dunja is always working on various diverse projects. Here you can find basic information about just a few of them, classified as "classical" and "fusion/ variety", and discover these projects fully by clicking on the links. Please note that each project can be amended to your needs, or a few can be combined in one programme. It is also possible to create a programme specifically according to your needs. Please enquire via "Contact Me" form on this website's "Biography" page".

Classical genre:

"My Dusty Gramophone"- Dunja's debut classical album, recorded the "old-fashioned way" - in live takes, on vintage equipment and analog tape - which not only brings her classical musical heritage and memories to life but also allows the listener to get very close to Dunja and hear the sound she hears directly under her ear. Also available as a narrated performance experience.

"Vinyl Grooves for Violin"- a lighter classical repertoire programme, featuring historic classical arrangements of jazz standards, songs, big band, tangos and film music, all connected by Dunja's narrative.

"Golden Age of Violin" - Dunja continues her exploration of the Golden Age of Violin Playing by giving a traditional violin and piano recital a twist - as she puts these concerts in style of the early 20th century. The performance is accompanied by Dunja's narrative of her extensive knowledge of the Golden Age of Violin Playing.

"Vinyl Gems of Violin" - a programme of rare, forgotten and neglected short pieces, popular in the era of the Golden Age of Violin Playing. The performance is accompanied by Dunja's narrative of her extensive knowledge of the that period and its legends.

Ensemble Metamusika projects- The Ensemble, of which Dunja is a Director and Leader, transforms from one chamber music formation into another. As the result, there are various projects available for concert booking, be it a string quartet, a piano or horn trio, or a string sextet. You can find out more about these projects hereEnsemble Metamusika is a fellowship of like-minded musicians, capable of expanding from one chamber group into another. 

Fusion of styles/ variety programmes:

"Dunja Lavrova and The Hot Three": a more diverse, yet unified fusion project where Dunja is joined by a jazz trio / rhythm section ; together they perform brand new, original arrangements of jazz and big band standards as well as music from Vintage Hollywood and "jazzed up" classical favourites.

"A Professional Immigrant": a variety programme where Dunja looks back at her life journey from Soviet Russia to the UK and Australia. The programme is narrated by Dunja and features music that has influenced and inspired her to become the versatile violinist she is today, ranging from classical and jazz to Latin, Klezmer and even rock. Performed with jazz trio / rhythm section and a backing track.

"Vinyl Grooves for Violin"- a lighter classical repertoire programme, featuring classical arrangements of jazz standards, songs, big band, tangos and film music; performed with standard piano accompaniment.


"Musical Chameleon - Masterclass" - Masterclass in 3 parts, available for various institutions across the world. Masterclass focuses on the importance of being musically-flexible in the demanding music business world of today. Dunja shares her experience as a creative and versatile musician through performance, talk and masterclass for students of all ages and levels.

"The Vitaphone Dream"- music videos which entwine the romanticism of early film-making set to Dunja's audio recordings.

"Education and Outreach" - Dunja's belief in unity through music and passion for sharing is put into various projects in the education and outreach field. Skype lessons, school talks and masterclasses and one-off projects for all levels and ages.

"The Tour" - Vinyl Gems of Violin programme (see above) goes on tour around unusual venues in the U.K.

"London Symphonic Rock Orchestra": brand new website coming soon.

The Music/Arts Festival - coming soon.