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My Dusty Gramophone


Debut solo album by Dunja Lavrova with Solo Musica. 

Colourful selection of violin encores, featuring the familiar, the forgotten and the rare. 

“My Dusty Gramophone”  is not an ordinary album. 

It was recorded in the style of mid-20th century: in live takes, with minimum reverb, on vintage equipment, mastered on analog tape. 

Typical to the style of old studio records, the microphones were set up very close to the instrument which allows the listener to get up-close-and-personal with Dunja.

The album, which includes 19 tracks in variety of styles, takes you on a trip through Dunja's musical heritage and memories whilst bringing the sound of the old records to the modern world.

Worldwide distribution by Naxos. Available on CD (AmazonMDT among many others) and by digital download (ITunesAmazonquobuz.com etc)

(Click on ITunes link to hear samples of the tracks featured on the album.)

                                                                                  Label: Solo Musica. Distribution by Naxos and Sony Classics.

Available for purchase worldwide on CD at popular shops and online at www.prestoclassical.co.ukwww.sheetmusicplus.comNaxosDirect, Amazon (includes a free mp3 download with a CD purchase), www.base.com, and many others. (Please note that although Amazon sometimes states that the album is "out of stock", once the purchase is made, the website will stock up automatically.)

Alternatively, you can purchase the CD directly from Dunja by clicking the button above.

Also available as digital download (with a digital booklet) on high-quality sound Qobuz website, as well as on iTunes and others

Tracks from the album:

Sonatina (arr. J. Heifetz for violin and piano) - Sonatina: No. 2. Danza de la gitana (arr. J. Heifetz for violin and piano)
Dunja Lavrova, Konstantin Lapshin (My Dusty Gramophone)
24 Preludes, Op. 34 (arr. D.M. Tsiganov for violin and piano) - 24 Preludes, Op. 34: No. 10 in C-Sharp Minor (arr. D.M. Tsiganov for violin and piano)
Dunja Lavrova, Konstantin Lapshin (My Dusty Gramophone)

Other audio

Ponce/ Heifetz "Estrellita" (gramophone effect, recorded live):

Estrellita (Gramophone)
Dunja Lavrova and Konstantin Lapshin

Gluck "Melodie", arr. Heifetz (recorded live):

Gluck - Melodie (Reverb, Clean 2)
Dunja Lavrova and Konstantin Lapshin

Rachmaninoff/ Kreisler "Daisies" (vintage effect, recorded live):

Dunja Lavrova and Konstantin Lapshin (My Dusty Gramophone)
          A little Christmas Surprise from Dunja to her friends and supporters in 2013 - her own rendition of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas":


Debussy (arr. Heifetz) : Prelude a L'apres-midi d'un faune.

 Paganini: Adagio Flebile from Concerto N4:

S. Prokofieff: Cinderella Waltz

Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)

                 C. Saint-Saens: Introduction and Rondo-Capriccioso

                           C.Franck: Violin Sonata (2nd movement):

"Beau Soir" (short film)
for "The Vitaphone Dream" project
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  Tchaikovsky: Black Swan (from Swan Lake):

                        Brahms: Horn Trio with Ensemble Metamusika:

Wieniawski: Polonaise Brilliante in D-major:

Video presentation for fundraising campaign in aid of Dunja's latest project,  "Vinyl Gems of Violin" - UK Tour.
Please click here to be transferred to the full page about the project:

Dunja's own arrangement of a popular Russian Gypsy tune, "Dark Eyes":


You can find a lot more videos by following Dunja's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dunjalavrova