Dunja Lavrova

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"No praise can be too high for violinist Dunja Lavrova. She proves herself on a level of the great fiddlers of the past" 
The Independent
6 Songs, Op. 38: No. 3. Margaritki (Daisies) (arr. J. Heifetz) - 6 Songs, Op. 38: No. 3. Margaritki (Daisies) (arr. J. Heifetz for violin and piano)
Dunja Lavrova, Konstantin Lapshin (My Dusty Gramophone)

"My Dusty Gramophone", the debut album by Dunja Lavrova:

“She masters these miniatures with such nonchalant and linear elegance, with such flawless tenderness, that you even forget the great predecessors as you fall for her nostalgic charm and seductive magic.”

- Stereoplay (JPC,  February 2015)